Workshops are organized at Hybrid Forms Lab and HF is also invited to give workshops outside its facilities. The workshops are a combination of art and science, where the participants learn different ways of researching and developing their ideas. The outputs of the ongoing projects from HF lab are transformed in such a way that they become lectures, workshops, events and exhibitions.

# March 2019: Hybrid Forms in Brazil

# 23-28 02 2018: Hybrid Forms at LAA museum of tomorrow, Rio (Brazil)

Project breathable Surfaces – by Ivan Henriques

# 23 01 2018: Paperfuge

Work with students from WdKA

# 01 11 2017: Speculation and Science, at Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA) in Rotterdam.

Where imagination meets science.

# 03 05 – 07 06 2017: VU open course Hybrid Forms

Inspiration from nature.

# 31 05 2017: Salt and sugar biodesign with invited speakers from Blue City and WdKA, Isaac Monte, Ermi van Oers and Emma van der Leest

What if one day we need to move to the Moon or Mars? Creativity, science and bio design.

# 07 2017: Life on Moon and Mars with students from WdKA

Maquette projects of habitats on Moon and Mars.

# 13 02 2017: Biomaterials at ESTEC by Agata Kołodziejczyk