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A novel sustainable garment, easy to produce at home and edible

Our solution for clothing :

  • Production process at home with just tea and sugar, with a small water foot print differently to industry, which  has some negative environmental impact
  • No polluting chemicals
  • Disposed clothes are fully biodegradable and don’t add up to our waste
  • No water contamination in the process
  • Everybody can do it. There is no social concern about the working conditions differently to the conventional clothing industry

In our modern world with over-consumption, there is a need for new bio-friendly materials. Bacterial Cellulose obtained from kombucha production can be made at home and transformed into garments. This bio-material is a promising alternative. We are now working on the improvement of its shelf life and applications.

Another idea to reduce the negative impact of clothes is to nudge the consumer to use his garments for a longer period of time. For this, a self-made clothing piece, containing an exclusive alive material, such as integrated mosses or algae, could help. An emotional relation with your items encourages to take more care of them.

Additionally, even if fashion trends are of a large influence in the clothing industry, the possibility for the user to be  creative, offers a major change in this world. Everybody can then become an actor for a brighter future.

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